Bendy and the ink Machine 2

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Right after Bendy and the Ink Machine was launched, it became a real success. The game became viral and thousands of Internet users played it on their computers. This was a horror story, an indie game, made in the adorable style of old cartoons. If you have ever seen the first movies about Mickey Mouse, you will surely recognize their traits in this game. Well, to say the truth, from the perspective of today, the old cartoons look creepy even when the depicted stories are actually nice and kind – the black and white style, a bit distorted image, and Disney’s strange aesthetics make them look a bit disturbing. This is something that the developers of Bendy have surely notices. Using the features and atmosphere of the old-school cartoons, these guys created a real masterpiece – both nostalgic and extremely modern.

The story of the first part was pretty thrilling. A comics artist used to invent and draw his characters and stories, but one day he changed his occupation. He abandoned drawing and his job. He locked a studio and moved away from there for years. One day, he decides to go to his old studio – he must have forgotten something valuable there. So he moves on and appears inside of the room… but to his surprise, something mysterious and strange happened there when he was absent. The large ink machine, a massive and pretty advanced one, is now operating here and the characters from his stories came out of the pages. Now they are alive and to say the truth, they are not very glad that their creator left them alone. Namely, Bendy, an adorable little demon, wants to have a revenge. The protagonist appears in the world of comics and Bendy makes jokes and tricks with him. He arranges different challenges and watches after a poor guy from above, seeing how he copes with the tasks. The game is full of incredible puzzles and missions invented by the ink monster and you are to deal with them all.

However, the horror experience doesn’t stop here. Instead, this is just the beginning and your adventures in the world of ink and comic characters go on. Bendy returns in a very new light. The second part is not a prequel, neither a sequel, but another story, where you will meet your most favorite black-and-white creatures again. And of course, his image of a funny and evil trickster is something that will surely gladden you again! Charming Bendy comes back and this is an entirely new project that has the features of the first part – amazing aesthetics, great atmosphere, original music, and incredible style. We bet that you will fall in love with this game from the first glance, especially if you are a fan of the first part.