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When something goes out of control, we start feeling uncomfortable. Especially, when this is something that actually cannot go out of control. Puppets were created to be manipulated by people and have fun. This is how things supposed to be and we have no questions to this. However, when something changes and these changes are really dramatic, the horror story begins. This game depicts a story about the puppets that never were regular dolls. Once they used to participate in a show. This show was incredibly popular, but for some unexplained reasons, the owners shut it down. From this game, you will find out why did this happen. And the answer will make your hair move from fear in Showdown Bandit Cheats and Hack.

So the game you are looking at right now is another project from the developers of Bendy, a striking horror game that became extremely popular right after production. The game was a great success – beautifully-drawn, well-thought, creepy, and atmospheric, Bendy and the Ink Machine became a favorite indie horror of thousands of gamers. However, the developers have something new for you – Showdown Bandit, a title about the marionettes that can move without the strings. And what is more, that have power to control someone, who thinks that he controls them. That’s a pretty creepy introduction, right? Are you ready to check how does it feel? Then launch the game now – we have already uploaded a free version to our website, so you can play it online right away. This indie game can be characterized as an action horror with a great focus on plot, atmosphere, and gameplay. You will look at the playing field from above, because you will be a puppeteer here, but don’t be so excited – the question “Who is pulling the strings?” is still open… Chances are, that your puppets are not just regular puppets. And as you know, people have locked them alone inside of the dark boxes, so they don’t really believe that people are good anyhow. Get ready for everything.