Miss Undertaker

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In general, every story can become a horror. Something ordinary happens and at some point everything goes wrong. The evil powers enter the stage and the reality starts changing. If you think that you can control everything around you (or at least something), then the game where you lose control over simple and habitual things due to the unknown reasons will tickle your nerves hard. This is the case with Showdown Bandit, a really atmospheric and super-creepy horror title that features a story about forgotten puppet show that comes back to the screens. Congratulations – you will take part in this revival! However, nothing to be excited and glad about. There are strange and horrifying things that are waiting for you here.

The puppets from Showdown Bandit will see the sunlight again. They had to spend years inside of the boxes, rotting, suffering, all alone… Do you think that this description is exaggerated and a bit too dramatic for the puppets? Of course, you must believe that puppets cannot feel anything – they are not people after all. They are not alive and why should they suffer from anything like that? However, this game will prove that they can suffer. And after years of suffering, they become real monsters. These creatures will take you to the world of puppets that will remind you about the underworld or eerie. Gloomy and dark, it is full of strange characters you will have to interact with. Be ready that some of them are very cruel – expect everyone to be your enemy, but never make the concrete conclusions too early. You might be mistaken. Any mistake in the world of alive puppets can lead you to death, so be careful. And remember – play your own role and do what you are supposed to do. This is the only way to survive in this strange dimension and maybe come back home one day.

The game has a unique feature – the camera angle. As a controller of the dolls, you will have to look down, making your puppets do whatever you want… but wait. Very soon you will see that they don’t always do what you want. The strings are in your hands, everything seems to be pretty habitual, but something strange is going on. The dolls are not just dolls, they have their free will. Not really a 100% free – at least, they are tied with strings and small artificial bodies. However, this is too much for a doll that is not actually a human. There is a strange mystery behind this puppet theatre. And the show was closed for a very particular and blood-chilling reason. You will learn it very soon.