Penny Hemsworth

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Do you think that puppets are a bit creepy? Especially those with moving faces – they open and close their mouth and eyes just like they are trying to talk, but actually someone else is talking instead of them. They move their hands and legs, walking around, but in the reality, there is a puppet-master, who controls their every move. Just imagine what a pitiful life this would be if a puppet doll was alive. We bet that you will agree that something like that is a nice plot for a horror story. But let us continue! What if an alive puppet doll is not as controlled as it seems to be? Sometimes, it imitates being in your power – moving its limbs just like you command. However, at some point, you start thinking that a doll makes a bit wrong moves with Penny Hemsworth. And maybe, not just a bit… This is something really horrifying, just like looking at your own reflection in the mirror and noticing that the movements you make are not copied by it.

In the game Showdown Bandit, you will become the main star of a glorious spectacle. The puppets have been waiting to get out of their boxes for years. They are not very good-looking now – all in all, their show was closed and forgotten long time ago. But actually, these are not ordinary dolls, so the show was closed for a reason… and you will find it out very soon. Will you handle this story? Start playing as Bandit, the main doll of the show about the wild west. He looks like a member of a gang, but now his face and clothes is even more brutal – the years of rotting inside of the box did their job. The world of the puppets is not very welcoming and hides a lot of strange secrets. Human mind cannot handle such things, but you will have to find out everything. Solve the puzzles and discover various places, meet different characters, and you will recreate the story piece by piece. Maybe, you will have a chance to come back one day. Or maybe not. This game is a real delight for all indie-game fans, and especially those who appreciate horrors. Smart and well-thought horrors that make your brain wrack and your knees shiver.