Showdown Bandit 2

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The game Showdown Bandit tells a story of an abandoned puppet show. It was a glorious show time ago and children as well as their parents loved it. Now it is not active – the creators shut it down and the puppets are now hidden inside of an old closet, lying in their tight boxes. Years and years they were lying there all alone without a chance to get out. But now they finally can do that and they won’t miss such a chance. The puppets are alive and they cannot forgive people for being that heartless. In the game, you will play for the main character of the show… or a puppeteer. It is hard to say exactly in new part of BATIM creators – Showdown Bandit 2. On the one hand, you move as a doll on the floor, on the other, there a strings out there. So you cannot say where you actually are – is it a puppet master you control or actually a doll? Or maybe it is a doll that controls the master? Is this a reason for the show to be closed now?

Your journey in the world of strange creatures will start right after you launch Showdown Bandit. There are numerous locations of a dollish creepy world to discover. The perspective is pretty strange and unusual – you control your character from above, watching him from a distance. At the same time, you play as a doll. Be ready to meet enemies and prepare that they will try to defeat you. One of the easiest way to kill you is to cut your strings, so you should be very careful about that. Watch them and keep them safe! When you see someone trying to attack you, make sure to stand against. However, be attentive when you decide to attack someone earlier than they do – you can stumble at a very powerful enemy or even someone useful. There are friends among the characters and they will help you complete your missions and solve the puzzles. Do your best – surviving in this dangerous and crazy world won’t be easy.