Showdown Bandit 2020

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It’s show time! Are you ready to start? Then welcome to the amazing puppet theatre, where the stories from the wild west are recreated. The show was a real hit some time ago, but it was closed. Never mind, it is on air again! And you know what? Now you will be in the center of everyone’s attention – you are a new puppeteer and your task is to make this show great. So take your doll – Bandit – and get to work. Is something wrong? Oh, yes, the puppets were left inside of the boxes for tears and now they don’t look very new, but that’s okay. They are still possible to use for the show. And kids love them!

However, beware these dolls are not those you have met before. They have souls and minds. They are alive. And they will do everything to make the strings controlled by them. You will meet different kinds of puppets here – some are pretty nice, the others are absolutely creepy. Be sure to treat them all in a right manner! This won’t be an easy work to do. And don’t forget – if you hold the strings in your hands, it doesn’t mean that you are master here. Try amazing Showdown Bandit on our website for free! We have already uploaded a full version of the game for you. Get it now! Are you ready? Then let the show begin!