Showdown Bandit and Bendy

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Is there anything better than a good and well-thought (and super-creepy) indie horror game? Guess not, especially if you are a fan of the genre. Large and popular games like Hello Neighbor always strike and get their way to the wide audience. However, there is something they usually lack. Something like… a small touch of real madness, a psychological feature, that makes us think about the darkest sides of human soul and nature of the reality. Yes, these themes are not for the large screen, still there are fans of indie games and there is a pretty large amount of them. If you remember a famous game called Bendy and the Ink Machine, you can say that its creators did something really unusual. They were working on the horror game, but their focus was not to frighten you to grey hair. No jumpscares, blood, monsters, and ugly characters are present here. At the same time, there is a perfect atmosphere that make you feel in a very special way. This game was not about feeling stressed and all that adrenaline stuff. Instead, it provided you with a deep and interesting experience. And an absolute delight for your eyes due to the stylish and detailed graphics. If you are ready for the new masterpiece from the same developers, which is as great as Bendy, then welcome to this section.

The next game from the same studio is called Showdown Bandit and it is about alive marionette-dolls. The dolls have masters, as you know. The masters control them using the strings, so the puppets can move and “talk”. However, when you have a horror story about puppets, you can guess what exactly is waiting for you considering such a plot. Of course, fully controlled puppets go out of control. Masters and dolls change their positions and this is where the creepy hell begins. In the game, you will have a chance to try yourself as a puppeteer, but be ready that your puppets are not ordinary ones. You will hold the strings and look down at your dolls. This is a very new and incredibly interesting way of making a horror game. We don’t know an analogue and we didn’t see such an angle in any other horror title. We believe that this is going to be an absolutely unique experience and all horror fans will love it.

Puppets go out of control, a great deal of puzzles and mysteries, and strange dark dimension you will find yourself in… friends and enemies, exciting plot, cool graphics – these are the main features of the game! Everything you ever dreamt about is present here. A new way of playing considering the unusual camera angle and absolutely exciting story that will make your blood chill even if you are an experienced horror-player. Are you ready to immerse yourself into the most nightmarish story ever?