Showdown Bandit Chapter 2

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Kids like TV shows! Especially, adventures, funny stories, and engaging scenes. One of the most favorite shows ever existed was Showdown Bandit – a cool series about the wild west. The main characters of the show were puppets – gangsters, ordinary people, and real heroes. The show entertained young audience for a pretty long time and had a great success among children of all ages. The success didn’t save the show, though. It was closed and the authors didn’t say why. They just disappeared. The dolls were thrown in a box and no human hand touched them for years. They became spoiled because of the time that influenced the way they look. The toys were pretty neat and cute time ago, but now they look like zombie-puppets – all rotten and broken. Despite this fact, the show is coming back and you are the one to take part in it. Will your part be active or passive? That’s a strange question. This is a puppet show, how can anyone take passive role besides dolls here? Well, everything is possible in an indie-horror-game.

The story will remind you of Bendy and the Ink Machine, where the characters from the comic book were forgotten for years and then came back. As you may know from this game created by the same studio, forgotten creations of human hands are very jealous and evil when people leave them alone. It seems like they want us to let them live and become absolutely annoyed when we don’t really care about them. One day, they come back and take you to another world, the world created by your own hands. Only now you cannot control anything here. You are not a creator or master here, now you are just a victim. Or maybe you are a puppet.