Showdown Bandit Demo

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A perfect combination of horror, style, and adventures is waiting for you in Showdown Bandit game. This title was created by Kindly Beast, the same studio that made Bendy and the Ink Machine. The game is pretty unique from all sides, starting with an usual plot and ending with an interesting gameplay – as a master of puppets, you will look at the gaming field from above, pulling the strings and controlling puppets. The main features of the game are: a great deal of action, horror, and amazing stylistic. The game is available for one player only, so you will go for this thrilling and dangerous journey in the world of puppets that came to life all alone.

The center of the plot is an old puppet show that was closed. The show was named the same as the game – Showdown Bandit. The main characters were the characters from the wild west, namely cowboys and their enemies, actually the bandits. The game is pretty strange, because it is not very clear whether you are a puppet being controlled by someone else or the one who controls the dolls on the stage. The horrifying element is that you need to do what you are supposed to, without making mistakes. But it is really hard to play your part, when you don’t really know anything about it. You will find yourself in a place where you need to survive at all costs and what is the most important – keep your puppet strings safe. Fights, puzzles, and mysterious scenes are waiting for you in this thrilling action adventure title. It can be classified as an indie horror, but be ready for everything! There are so many unusual and unexpected twists to experience that your head will go dizzy. And an exclusive offer from our resource – you can play this game right here for free, so why don’t you try it out right now? The world of puppets, people and their exchanged roles is waiting for you. Do your best to survive and try to find out the reason why this show was closed. We hope you will have a good and creepy time playing Showdown Bandit.