Showdown Bandit Ending

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Forgotten toys are always sad to look at. You think about the past times when they were so dear to someone (or maybe to you). However, children grow up and the dolls have a gloomy destiny to share – they appear in the boxes and nobody every pulls them out. Sometimes, they are thrown away to a trash box. In any case, they will have to rot forever in loneliness. This is what happened to the puppets from a show that was popular some time ago. The show was a real hit and all TV screens were showing it. Children loved the show and were glad to see the characters again and again. But one day, something happened and the show disappeared forever. Nobody knew the reason why. However, nothing really interesting about that – shows get closed sometimes.

Very soon you will find out that Showdown Bandit wasn’t closed because of the financial problems or something boring like that. The reason was more mysterious and horrifying. The puppets from the show turned to be… alive! And what is even worse – they are not nice and playful fellows, but bloodthirsty and gloomy creatures. Chances are, that they have controlled their masters and not vice versa. In the game, you will travel to their world and find out what has happened to the show a couple of years ago. Good luck, this is going to be a hard journey for you.