Showdown Bandit Horror

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After the trailer of Showdown Bandit appeared on the web, all the horror fans got excited. This short video revealed an original gameplay we will all witness when playing the game. You have never tried anything like this before, for sure. This game is a story of a puppet theatre, a pretty strange one. As you know, when puppet masters control the dolls on the stage, they usually hold the strings, standing still. As a result, the puppets move on the floor, while the controllers look at them from above, hiding over the chirm or simply standing next to the dolls. In this game, you will have to experience both – how it feels to be a master of puppets and a doll controlled by the strings. In both cases, you will be doubting about your role in this game. Are you the one who controls the entire process? Or maybe… you are being controlled by someone else? Yes, even when you hold the strings in your hands and everything shows that you are the boss here, you cannot be sure of that. Not when you are playing a horror game.

In the previous game from the authors of Showdown Bandit, called Bendy and the Ink Machine, you made a trip to a world of comics. The characters drawn on the sheets of paper came to life because people (and their creator in particular) forgot about them long time ago. This kind of a plot seems to very interesting for the developers from this studio, because now they are calling us to appear in the world of abandoned dolls. These dolls, just like the comic characters from Bendy, are alive and they have some nasty ideas to implement. Years ago, the same-named show was closed and you have no idea why did it happen. Nobody knows. However, now you are the one to recreate it and bring it back to life. You are a talented puppeteer and this is a great honor and pleasure for you to take part in such a cultivated show. However, very soon you will see that nothing actually pleasant and delightful is waiting for you. Pure horror is something you will have to meet.

The worst nightmare of every puppeteer is when his dolls stop depending on the strings. They go out of control and do whatever they want. A pretty strange and horrifying idea, right? Are you ready to experience something like that? If you are brave enough (and if you are a real fan of well-made, thoughtful, and atmospheric horrors), then this game is for you. Every indie-horror admirer will surely say that this game is one of the best representatives of the genre. And it is!