Showdown Bandit Mobile

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A puppet show for young kids turns into a real nightmare in Showdown Bandit. This is a real legend you will take part in. The story started long time ago – there was a TV show beloved by all kids of the town. The show was about cowboys, wild west, and villains. The episodes depicted funny and interesting stories about different characters and one of them was a puppet Bandit – a real gangster, a cool tough guy, the main figure of the show. Children loved to watch him doing nasty things on the screen but they could never predict that they will see him doing horrible things in the real life. When puppets start moving by themselves, it means that some strange powers of evil conquer our reality. This is exactly what happens in the mobile game.

So after the years have passed and everyone have almost forgotten about Showdown Bandit, he came back in a very strange manner. You, as the main character, was the one to meet him. You found Bandit lying in the box and it seemed like he spent dozens of years there, all alone. Very soon you will understand why the show was closed without any explanations – the puppets here have their own will, and this will is pretty filthy. The puppet will take you to another world, where you will meet other creatures – be careful, some of them are your enemies. But the problem is that you cannot say for sure. So you should never attack them before you see that they are dangerous! You can get yourself into a big trouble if you make a mistake. Gladly, not only you will meet the enemies that will keep you away from fulfilling your mission and coming back home. There are friends here and they will guide you through this dark and mysterious universe of dolls. There are questions to answer and puzzles to solve, so get into the game and do your best to find out everything. And try to stay alive!